Epirus & Western Macedonia City

Eirs & Western Macedonia City for On first blsh, this seems neither nfair nor discriminatory, as bsinesses need to relace emloyees who cannot or will not work if they are to stay in bsiness If, in trn, these bsinesses had to hire back all emloyees who had taken more than their allotment of sick days, then these bsinesses wold have to fire relacement workers who over time had come to deend on their new jobs Let s assme that these bsinesses also hire and romote emloyees in a gender-blind fashion, that is, in comlete disregard of the gender of the alicants and emloyees As nondiscriminatory as sch ractices and reglations may seem, they may not render jstice The reason is that the biological differences between men and women may make eqal treatment less than fair nder certain circmstances nlike men, women bear children This takes time and effort Eirs & Western Macedonia City 2016

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