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England map of england for Th is eff ort includes major Zen temples stemming from the Song dynasty in and around Hangzhou, a capital city visited by Marco Polo and a port where visitors from other parts of China and throughout Asia and the world disembarked. Th e presence of monks as an everyday part of society, something that was?unthinkable during the Cultural Revolution, is commonplace these days. Another example of a restored site is Cypress Grove Temple, where Zhaozhou spent the last forty years of his life and created the case about the tree standing in the courtyard in the late ninth century, as discussed in the fi rst chapter. By the time a restoration was begun in 1987 with the aid of supporters from Japan and Taiwan, about the only shrine remaining was a large pagoda dedicated to Zhaozhou surrounded by cypress trees. During the initial celebration, it is said that a famed Japa nese monk stood in front of the pagoda and growled the sound of No from the case about whether a dog has Buddha- nature, Monk snoozing in Hangzhou. Photo by the author. 168 zen koans but the Chinese monks, who were no longer well versed in the classics, did not understand what this meant. England map of england 2016.

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