The Enchanting Local Towns in Blue Mountains

Sydney has been blessed with an immediate neighborhood of the coolest Blue Mountains, so that the Sydneysiders can head towards beautiful nature, bushwalks, greenery and total relaxation whenever they want a retreat from the hustle-bustle of city life.

However, the Blue Mountains are not just about greenery and the famous Eucalyptus mist; it has some extremely enchanting towns too. You can enjoy all of them through Blue Mountains Sydney Adventure Tours. Here are some of them.


If you want to enjoy a perfect rustic life, Bilpin is a place you should visit. The roads leading to this charming town show you the slice of rusticity with no traffic lights or dreariness of suburbia. They take you to the New South Wales’s western plains where you will see an endless diversity of mountainous landscapes, great canyon walls and sandstone walls in combination with the extremely charming orchards and stalls of vegetables and fruits. You will also get stone fruit here if you arrive in season and also autumn apples.

You will also find lots of artisans from whom you can shop ceramics, metalwork, beautiful wild flowers, woodwork and more! What’s more, the coffee shops here are indescribably charming and serve you homemade jams, apple pies, local honey and the special Bilpin Apple Cider Vinegar and Apple Juice, along with delicious coffee.


Kurranjong got its name from a tree named the same which grows here in abundance and means shade tree in aboriginal language. The seeds of these trees were used as a substitute for coffee beans.

This town is traversed by Wheeny Creek which meets Colo River. The area was famous for orchards. A steam rail passed through the town in 1926 which helped farmers here carry their produce to Sydney.

Kurrajong village offers stunning views of Sydney basin, Harbour Bridge, orchards and green hills mingled with rocks covered by bushes. Kurrajong offers you an unforgettable experience of fresh air, exclusive calls of bellbirds, country hospitality and delightful scenery.


You should visit Faulconbridge for its several attractions like Sir Henry Parkes Grave, Norman Lindsay’s Gallery and the Prime Minister’s Corridor of Oaks.

Sir Henry Parkes was a person who offered Faulconbridge its name after his mother’s maiden name. Sir Henry bought a 600-acre land here. His grave is not very far from Faulconbridge Station. The Federation of Australia was the most noteworthy achievement of Sir Henry.

Corridor of Oaks is a place where most Prime Ministers of Australia have planted an oak tree.

The renowned Norman Lindsay Gallery is located down Chapman Parade. Norman Lindsay was a famous personality in the area of Springwood/Faulconbridge. He was especially known for his bold sculptures and paintings of naked women.

Plus there are numerous charming parks in Faulconbridge like Jackson Park, Sassafras Gully (which will lead you towards Clarinda Falls), Browett Park, Ticehurst Park, Chalmers Memorial Park, Tom Hunter Park and more.

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