Emilia Romagna City

Emilia Romagna City for Yet one might hoe that thinking and acting wold go hand in hand in olitical life One olitical scientist observes that in a sense, all ideologies are sbstittes for thoght, and they get condemned for this reason; bt they do not deserve condemnation They are sbstittes for thoght in abot the same way as the Ten Commandments are sbstittes for thoght25 Ideologies, like all moral systems, are shorthand gides to action To act, one mst cease to think ironically, at least for the moment This does not mean that to take action one mst becomes a comlete ideologe We may momentarily abandon an ironic osition not becase or beliefs and vales sddenly seem incontestable to s bt simly in order to coe with the demands of life Emilia Romagna City 2016

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