Emet for 63 Women mst think and act like indeendent men to fit into a liberal world Feminists arge that the reason liberalism in general, and liberalism based on social contract theory in articlar, has sch a togh time with the obligations imlicit in relationshis and commnities is that liberal theorists begin identity and difference 1 3 7 with the wrong remises They assme, originally, the indeendent existence of atonomos male actors who are faced with the task of negotiating a fair means of establishing and maintaining a eacefl collective existence Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, and Jean-Jacqes Rossea are early social contract theorists credited with otlining the original bondaries of liberal olitics A contemorary liberal theorist and hilosoher, John Rawls, has carried on this tradition Rawls asks s to imagine orselves in an original osition that serves a similar rose as the imagined state of natre in traditional social contract theory The original osition is not roosed as an actal or even imaginary historic event Emet 2016

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