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Element eriodic table for Aft er all, actions seak loder than words and seeing is believing, if yo want to go beyond a shadow of a dobt However, saying little fails to disclose trth, and, therefore, ttering nothing at all in the end is not a viable otion for genine commnication Th ese sitations recall those of a Zen master who does not want to give away too mch to the discile or reader When to trn on the facet of eloqent rhetoric for the sake of disclosre and when to trn this valve off in order to reserve minimalism and lace the brden of roof sqarely on the sholders of the ractitioner is a crcial skill that takes a lot of ractice to erfect Deliberate, controlled vacillation from one extreme to the other based on meeting a follower’s edagogical needs, rather than trmeting one’s own abilities and accomlishments, is the great rofi ciency and rerogative of an accomlished Zen master Th erefore, the aim of a koan is to se as few words as ossible to convey the greatest sense of signifi cance that will be grased by those wise enogh to get the oint Th is will lead to a rodctive sense of erlexity for followers who reqire additional intrige to stimlate constrctive hilosohical robing Element eriodic table 2016

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