El Alamein Map

el alamein map 3 El Alamein Map

and untouched by the modern world the siwans hold fast to their

Resolution: 600 x 600 83 kB
Size: 600 x 600 83 kB

el alamein map 198 El Alamein Map

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el alamein map 37 El Alamein Map


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el alamein map 321 El Alamein Map

Observation point log, Pt.33, Tel-El-Eisa, Al-Alamein July-Nov 1942

el alamein map 232 El Alamein Map

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I like that he does things I did, like play the trumpet. He started at the same age I did, and since he took it up, it has rekindled my interest and I started practicing again. This last weekend, we played together. He also brings new interests too. Because he likes sailing, I have started that and really like it.

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