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Egypt Metro Map on com; ING Annual Report (Amsterdam, 2001); ING Rapport Annuel (Amsterdam, 1998); Global 500: World’s Largest Companies, Fortune (July 2002). YVES LABERGE, PH.D. INSTITUT QUBCOIS DES HAUTES TUDES INTERNATIONALES ING Group 419 insider trading BROADLY, INSIDER TRADING refers to the practice of corporate insiders such as officers, directors, and employees, buying and selling stock in their own companies. In the UNITED STATES, all such trades must be reported to the SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION (SEC), which publishes a monthly compendium of trades in its Official Summary of Securities Transactions and Holdings. While such trades may be perfectly legal, insider trading is most frequently used in relation to versions of such trades that are deemed illegal. In these cases, insider trading refers to the practice of trading in a security, while in possession of material, non-public information about it, violating a fiduciary duty or other relationship of trust and confidence in the process. Egypt Metro Map 2016.

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