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Resolution: 990 x 1306 233 kB
Size: 990 x 1306 233 kB

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The following maps were produced by the U.S. Central Intelligence

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Edu Map for Negative responses of others can sometimes lead to perceptions of the self being discredited, or to perceiving oneself as being a burden on others by being unable to fulfil one’s normal’ social roles and tasks. As Radley notes The problems of chronic illness are to do with retention and loss, not just of ? self? but of a way of life’. Illness often forces the person to redefine themselves, from a healthy’ person to one with limitations, and this can reduce feelings of self-worth or self-esteem. There is evidence that enabling a person to hold on to their pre-illness sense of identity rather than having an identity consumed by a serious or chronic illness can be beneficial. Aujoulat et al. interviewed forty chronically ill patients in Belgium and Italy and describe a process of patient empowerment which requires two processes, one of being able to hold on’ to earlier ideas of self’ identity and worth, different roles and learning to control the illness as something separate to these, and the other process of letting go’ where patients accept that they cannot control everything and that they have boundaries, and in effect this requires them accommodating the illness. In engaging in both processes, the authors suggest, patients will experience greater adjustment and ability to value oneself. Edu Map 2016.

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