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Ecuador travel for Even if we were to assume that the Chinese record is simply indicating that the comet began its apparition in Capricornus before moving on from there, we have no basis for thinking that it made its way to the southern evening sky, acted in such a way as to guide the Magi toward Bethlehem, or stood over one particular house. The Chinese record furnishes very little information about the comet in question. In light of the great ambiguity, we should be very cautious about jumping to the conclusion that this comet was the Bethlehem Star. The mere fact that we have a record of a comet in ? BC does not constitute a irm foundation for identification. This version of the comet hypothesis is regrettably unsatisfying, therefore. If the Star of Bethlehem was indeed a comet, we must look elsewhere. A Stronger Case for the Star of Bethlehem Being a Comet In spite of the weaknesses of the Halley’s Comet and BC Comet hypotheses, the evidence that the celestial phenomena that the Magi witnessed were caused by a comet is overwhelming. Ecuador travel 2016.

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