Echmiadzin City of Afghanistan

Echmiadzin City of Afghanistan for D 46 120 wrote that they are wrong who think that olitics is like an ocean voyage or a military camaign, something to be done with some end in view, something which levels off as soon as that end is reached It is not a blic chore to be got over with; it is a way of life101 olitics, for the ancients and for many of their modern interreters, is not simly an instrmental endeavor It is a erformative ractice and an oortnity to exercise virte olitics, which is defined by Aristotle as the ractice of ractical reason, is erformative becase the exercise of reason is erformative Reason is erformative, rather than merely instrmental, becase one ractices it not only as a means, bt also as an end in itself Echmiadzin City of Afghanistan 2016

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