Where to eat and drink Edinburgh

Eating out in Edinburgh used to be a stark choice between stuffy gourmet restaurants with thick drapes and thicker sauces, and basic pub or chip-shop grub. There were a few no-nonsense Italians, and some cosy

vegetarians, but not a lot else. Now there are two places with Michelin stars, plus a host of promising contenders. Only backpackers eat battered haggis and deep-fried Mars Bars nowadays,

? Restaurant Martin Wishart, 54 The Shore (0131 553 3557). The exquisite restaurant of Edinburgh-born chef Martin Wishart, above, was the first to get a Michelin star. His use of Scottish ingredients epitomises how local restaurants, and the locals who eat in them, have changed. ˜Scotland has always been well known for its quality of ingredients – not so

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Where to eat and drink Edinburgh

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