Eastern Uusimaa City

Eastern Uusimaa 2015

MEDICAL FACILITIES: The City of Helsinki Board of Health (near Market Square) arranges home calls by doctors any time of the day or night.

MOTION PICTURES : All languages, but mostly in English.

MUSIC : The Helsinki Symphony Orchestra gives concerts during the season at the University Hall. Opera at the Opera House. You should try to hear the Finnish opera, The Maid of Pohjola, by the Finnish composer, Oskar Merikanto. It has been more than fifty years since the First Symphony of Jean Sibelius was first heard. Sibelius is not only Finland‚„s foremost composer, but is renowned the world over; a great musical event is the annual Sibelius Festival, which takes place in Helsinki during the first two weeks of June. The program consists mainly of Sibelius‚„ music.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Films and developing charges are reasonable in Finland. Color film is available as are black-and-white still and movie film. There is excellent service on developing as long as you make clear hov many or how few days you can wait. An expert recommends the orange filter for lakes, islands and summer clouds, the dark green for full effect of the forest and landscape, and yellow for Lapland scenes. Sunsets in Finland are particularly strong and beautiful especially in July, August, and September. Recommended photo shops: Bogelund on the Esplanade, SVO on Keskuskatu and Nyblin at Mannerheimin Katu (Forum).

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Eastern Uusimaa City Pictures

Eastern Uusimaa City Photo Gallery

Eastern Uusimaa City Photo Gallery

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