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EasternUS and Canada

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blank map of the United States

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United States Mountain Ranges Map

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North start state

Eastern Usa Map for Where religious coping may often be considered as passive, it is clear that it is not necessarily so consider, for example, attending prayer groups as a form of seeking intimacy or support from like-minded others, or of setting out to help others Harrison et al These examples have been provided in order to highlight a growing area of interest in health psychology. Snyder et al. described two aspects of hope one is the individual's belief in the possibility of favourable outcomes related to optimism, and the other being the ability to visualise how to obtain the favourable outcome. It may be that, as well as having faith or confidence in one's own ability to deal with illness, related treatments, and their consequences, that having faith in a God may also be beneficial. From the brief overview here, it appears likely that religiosity effects outcomes via its influence upon appraisals of meaning, in maintaining hope, or on coping responses, but there is clearly a need for further research if we are to gain better understanding of the role religiosity plays in adjustment to illness. So, how common is benefit-finding and what form does it take? Petrie et al. found that per cent of those who had had a heart attack or had developed breast cancer reported some personal gains over the first three months following illness onset, and per cent reported specific positive effects of their illness see Figure The most commonly endorsed benefits were improved close relationships, increased empathy among women with breast cancer, and a healthier lifestyle for men following a heart attack. Eastern Usa Map 2016.

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