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Eastern Europe Map for Accordingly, many of those in the intervention group may have been at less risk of re-infarction than those in the control group simply as a consequence of socio-economic differences see Chapter As a consequence of methodological constraints, these differences could not be statistically partialled out in their analyses, and the interpretation of the results must therefore be considered with some caution. Such caution may be justified by the results of a later attempt to replicate these findings by the same team Frasure-Smith et al The Montreal heart attack readjustment trial M-HART study evaluated the same form of intervention, this time including interventions with women and an older population. Unfortunately, the intervention resulted in no benefits for men ? re-infarction rates in the first year were per cent in the intervention group and per cent in the control group. Worse, women in the intervention group proved to be more at risk of re-infarction than those in the control group, with re-infarction rates of per cent and per cent, respectively ? an effect maintained up to five-year follow-up Frasure-Smith et al In retrospect, these findings may have been a consequence of inadequately trained nurses attempting to cope with extremely distressed individuals and thus perhaps exacerbating rather than moderating their problems. Stress management training The impact of more traditional cardiac rehabilitation programmes that provide some form of intervention to all patients has been reviewed by Dusseldorp et al. and Linden et al. , who conducted meta-analyses of the effect of psychosocial’ and psycho-educational’ interventions on twentythree and thirty-seven programmes, respectively. Eastern Europe Map 2016.

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