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Earring iercing for Who are these mysteri- Monastic Transmission 143 os fi gres, and why is Zhaozho comelled to enconter them Other cases featre irreglar ractitioners like a Daoist immortal ha, a granny as confronted by both Zhaozho and Deshan, or in other instances a Bddhist wizard, a non- Bddhist hi los o her, an envisioned bodhisattva, or a local shaman Althogh their identities or stats are not identifi ed in the case record, backgrond stdies of tyical ractices of the eriod indicate that these hermits are very likely enlightened followers of a Zen lineage, althogh not necessarily from Zhaozho’s own branch Th ey have robably seclded themselves aft er their main eriod of training in a monastery in order to fortify their contemlative state while rearing for a retrn to everyday society Th e main oint is that the hermits have not skied over or avoided the stage of receiving a reglar transmission, as have irreglar ractitioners in some other koan cases Th erefore, the hermits are already legitimate members of the Zen school still needing to be checked ot by the local established master, who may feel threatened that their rowess will attract followers away from his temle An alternative translation of the case title is Zhaozho Sees throgh the Tre Natre of Two Hermits Th is version robably conveys the reslt of the ro cess bt does not necessarily exress the extent and signifi cance of the testing of wills that nderlies the enconter dialoge Earring iercing 2016

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