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Earring piercing for Who are these mysteri- Monastic Transmission 143 ous fi gures, and why is Zhaozhou compelled to encounter them? Other cases feature irregular practitioners like a Daoist immortal (Puhua), a granny as confronted by both Zhaozhou and Deshan, or in other instances a Buddhist wizard, a non- Buddhist phi los o pher, an envisioned bodhisattva, or a local shaman. Although their identities or status are not identifi ed in the case record, background studies of typical practices of the period indicate that these hermits are very likely enlightened followers of a Zen lineage, although not necessarily from Zhaozhou’s own branch. Th ey have probably secluded themselves aft er their main period of training in a monastery in order to fortify their contemplative state while preparing for a return to everyday society. Th e main point is that the hermits have not skipped over or avoided the stage of receiving a regular transmission, as have irregular practitioners in some other koan cases. Th erefore, the hermits are already legitimate members of the Zen school still needing to be checked out by the local established master, who may feel threatened that their prowess will attract followers away from his temple. An alternative translation of the case title is Zhaozhou Sees through the True Nature of Two Hermits. Th is version probably conveys the result of the pro cess but does not necessarily express the extent and signifi cance of the testing of wills that underlies the encounter dialogue. Earring piercing 2016.

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