Early Life and Early Career

Jonathan Edwards was born in 1703, in East Windsor, Connecticut. He was the only son among the eleven children of Reverend Timothy Edwards and Esther Edwards, the daughter of influential Puritan clergyman Solomon Stoddard. After being tutored by his parents, the young Edwards enrolled at the age of 13 at Yale College. While at Yale, he read widely in the works of Sir Isaac Newton and John Locke; his interests besides theology were far-flung and included spiders, atoms, rainbows, and the workings of the human mind. Following his graduation from Yale in 1720, Edwards remained in New Haven to continue his theological studies. He was licensed to preach in the Presbyterian Church in 1722 and earned his Master of Theology degree the following year. After leading a Presbyterian congregation in New York for two years, Jonathan Edwards returned to Yale as a tutor. The year 1727 was an important one for Jonathan Edwards. In July, he married Sarah Pierpoint, a granddaughter of the noted Puritan minister Thomas Hooker; eventually, they would have eleven children together. That same year, Edwards accepted a position as assistant minister to his grandfather Solomon Stoddard in Northampton, Massachusetts. Stoddard died only two years later, leaving the young minister in charge of a congregation that consisted of prominent merchants and political leaders. This group had been comforted by a liberal theology and Stoddard’s ability to compromise. By comparison, Edwards was a less conventional thinker than his grandfather had been. His theology, which soon came to be known as Edwardseanism, had developed in his youth as a product of his attempts to apply Enlightenment thought to traditional Calvinism. In 1731, Edwards made a stirring speech in Boston in which he championed orthodox Puritanism. The next few years served to solidify this attitude within his preaching and writing. The Congregational minister Jonathan Edwards of Connecticut was perhaps the most original religious thinker and influential clergyman of the colonial period. His orthodox sermons aroused the religious spirit of the Great Awakening. (Brown Brothers, Sterling, Pennsylvania) wwe top 10 players: Dave Batista Mini Biography and Early life and … alltravel8Shigeru Miyamoto Biography: His early life & career to modern day alltravel8Michael Caine – Film Actor – Biography.com alltravel8

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