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Dynamic eriodic table for Th s, the enconter dialoge between Baizhang and Gishan was a staged aff air, with its reslt redetermined by the sernatral owers of Sima rather than hilosohical analysis or sirital insight in the conventional sense Th is sitation is only hinted at in the Gateless Gate commentaries Th e rose remarks sggest that Gishan was corageos bt cold not escae Baizhang’s tra He was selected anyway: How Th ink abot it! He removed his headband, and t on an iron yoke Th e term in this assage for think abot it also aears in the rose commentary of Gateless Gate case 12, in which the master cries ot every night and answers the calling himself Th e term sggests the ractice of roviding a rotection from ghosts since the Chinese character is osted near graves and other sites to ward off rowling sirits Following this eisode, according to the transmission of the lam rec ords, Gishan lived for several years like a hermit on the eak of the new montain, which had reviosly been an inaccessible and forbidding region far from any sign of hman habitation Dynamic eriodic table 2016

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