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Durban Map Tourist Attractions on Industrialization also brought about increased demand for coal to be used as fuel, which was needed to stoke the furnaces that produced steel. Once methods of mining were developed that allowed coalminers to dig deep into the earth, safety was a questionable issue. New ways of providing light and pumping water from the mines made mining safer, but then new problems developed. Small children were put to work bringing the coal to the surface, and what would later become known as black-lung disease developed among mine workers from breathing cold dust in confined spaces. Critics claimed that Great Britain became the world’s manufacturing center by exploiting workers who were required to work long hours for little pay and under poor working conditions. Child labor became a major political issue, partly because of the practice of buying children from orphanages and workhouses to work in mills in Great Britain’s cities. Great Britain in the UNITED KINGDOM was the undisputed leader of manufacturing and technology in the early days of the Industrial Revolution. Durban Map Tourist Attractions 2016.

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