Duragan for Some, like Weber, try to steer a middle course, taking what they can from science and balancing it with interpretive insight. Strict social scientists are often critical of interpretive theorists for producing ambiguous descriptions and lofty concepts with little empirical application. The charge is that the interpretive approach is too speculative and too subjective to aid us in explaining, predicting, or controlling concrete reality. For their part, interpretive political theorists are often critical of their social scientific colleagues for misunderstanding the nature of political life and the task of those who study it. They claim that social scientists too often view citizens as objects to be measured and efficiently managed instead of subjects to be critically understood and morally engaged. Often it is appropriate to measure and manage people”when they are commuters on busy highways, for instance. Measuring the habits of automobile drivers and controlling the cumulative effects of their behavior is crucial to avoiding congestion and ensuring efficient traffic regulation. Duragan 2016.

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