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Dubrovnik croatia for Fogel also notes that the economic benefits of the new railroads were not shared equally among corporate interests, for large firms, such as STANDARD OIL, were often able to secure especially low freight costs (rebates) as a means of pushing other firms out of the market. International railroad history. The development of railroad networks in other states revealed different social and economic questions. In RUSSIA, for example, Simon P. Ville suggests Russian landowners delayed rail development for fear of the social forces it might unleash, cognizant of the twin development of mass politics and transport in countries such as Britain in the 19th century. The Russian case, where railroad development and industrialization developed rather later than in other European states, also revealed distinct economic problems that came from later development, such as the issue of import substitution, and how one could develop a rail network without relying on foreign labor and hardware. The Russian solution to such problems was a program of tariff protection and the offering of privileged concessions to five key firms who were entrusted with the development of a rail network. Dubrovnik croatia 2016.

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