DOMITIAN of Ancyra

Hegumen of the Palestinian cenobium of Martyrius, he and Theodore Askidas led the Origenists of Palestine in the first decades of the 6th c. Thanks to the influence of Leontius of Byzantium, Domitian was designated by Justinian as bishop of Ancyra ca. 540. When Ephrem of Antioch condemned Palestinian Origenism ca. 542, Domitian and Theodore put pressure on Peter of Jerusalem to break off communion with the patriarch of Antioch, but without result. Later Domitian and Theodore were behind the condemnation of the Three Chapters. Facundus of Hermiane cites IV, 4,15 a very explicit passage of Domitian on the matter.

DOMITILLA. Gave her name to a Roman catacomb. Once identified with Flavia Domitilla, niece of the emperor Titus Flavius Vespasian and wife of the consul Titus Flavius Clemens, she was accused of atheism in 96 under Titus Flavius Domitian and exiled to the island of Pandataria near Ischia, now Ventotene Dio Cass., Hist. rom. 67,14,1-2; Suet., Dom. 15. She should rather be identified with another Domitilla, mentioned by Eusebius HE 3,18,4, a niece of Titus Flavius Clemens and exiled in 96 to the island of Ponza for being a Christian; in the 4th c. her cell became a pilgrimage destination Jer., Ep. 108,7. There was no cult of Domitilla in ancient Rome; her name is not in the Mart. hier. According to the 6th-c. Passio SS. Nerei et Achillei, originally written in Greek, this second Domitilla was a martyr of Terracina. The name cymiterium domitillae, from the 7th c., refers instead to a Roman noblewoman named Domitilla who owned the land where the catacomb developed CIL 6, 948, 8942, 16246. Florus includes her in his martyrology 7 May.

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