Dogansehir for Indeed, over the ast centry, nondemocratic regimes have relaced democratic ones over fifty times”and that does not cont the times democratic regimes were toled as the reslt of a foreign invasion8 Clearly there is mch history yet to be written The end of ideology is no more likely today or in the ftre than it was when Marx and Engels, echoing Saint-Simon, originally roosed to sbstitte a ragmatic administration of things for the strife-rone government of men Nor wold the end of ideology necessarily be a good thing Ideologies are 222 thinking olitics gronded in ideals In the absence of strggle to realize ideals, mch that is good might be left ndone Conclding his famos essay olitics as a Vocation, Max Weber observed that olitics was not for the weak of heart Dogansehir 2016

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