DJ Bar-Hopping London

Much of London’s dance music scene is now concentrated in its DJ bars. Typically, such bars get going earlier than clubs, at around 9pm, and close at 2-3am. The music is eclectic, sometimes just creating a background vibe as at the Medicine Bar and Lock Tavern, see pp150 & 152. These bars attract a clientele in their 20s and 30s. But at somewhere like Brixton’s Dogstar see p154, the crowd tends to be younger, mostly 20-somethings, and the dancing is full-on at weekends. Late Night Screenings at the Ritzy Brixton Oval see pi3i, While most London cinemas have their final screenings at around 9pm, the Ritzy keeps its lights on for an 11:30pm showing on Fridays and Saturdays. Its programme includes a good mix of mainstream, independent and international films.

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