Diyarbak„±r for For Hobbes, the ruler can be said to rule in the public interest simply by meeting the minimum requirement of preventing a war of all against all. Consequently, Hobbes argues that the sovereign can never be justly punished in any way for any acts he commits. He cannot commit injustice or unjustly injure his subjects. In becoming sovereign ruler he gains the right and authority to do whatever he wills. In creating the Leviathan, Hobbes maintains, each subject explicitly states: I Authorise and give up my Right of Governing my selfe to this Man. This act of submission, carried out simultaneously by all, unites the multitude of actors milling about the state of nature into a single commonwealth. The Leviathan is considered a Mortall God to whom its subjects owe their lives and allegiance. Diyarbak„±r 2016.

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