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Discount vacations for The only zodiacal female is Virgo the Virgin, and hence it is unquestionably she who is in view here. Just as Virgo was often portrayed with wings, so the woman in John’s vision is given wings in verse Moreover, just as Virgo was typically envisioned by the ancients as a virgin of childbearing age and indeed often as a mother, so also the celestial woman in Revelation is a young maiden who gives birth to a child. In addition, the fact that the serpentine dragon is said to have stood before the woman v. b supports this identiication. As we will see below, the multiheaded serpentine dragon is the constellation igure Hydra, which is located immediately to the south of Virgo and rises in the eastern sky on her left side on the right side, from an observer’s perspective. We concur with the claim of Stephen Benko regarding the woman of Revelation Any Greek or Roman reading such a description would have thought of the constellation Virgo parthenos, virgin, who was represented as a woman holding an ear of corn and having wings. Virgo was the largest zodiacal constellation and the third largest of all the constellations after Argo Navis and Hydra. Discount vacations 2016.

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