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Discount vacation packages for Regardless of how much this charge is repeated, it is over-simplistic and indeed profoundly misleading. First, it stands to reason that, if a comet’s apparition was perceived to be bad news by and for the ruling elite, it would naturally have been interpreted as good news by and for those who were eager to see regime change. As Humphreys puts it, although a comet was regarded as a bad omen for the king who was about to die or for the side that was going to lose a war, equally a comet was regarded as a good omen heralding a new king or a major victory for those on the winning side. Tacitus wrote concerning AD that In the meantime a comet star blazed out. The opinion of the masses is that [a comet portends revolution for kingdoms. Therefore, as if Nero had already been dethroned, [the masses began to ask who should be chosen [as his replacement On the lips of everyone was the name Rubellius Plautus, who inherited his nobility from the Julian family through his mother Tacitus, Ann. This demonstrates that a comet’s announcement of a change of regime was not necessarily perceived by all to be bad news. Discount vacation packages 2016.

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