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Discount trips to hawaii on Bought out in 1864, Fisk next made a fortune by selling Confederate bonds short in England before news of the South’s defeat spread widely. By 1867, he was a millionaire living in New York City. Rotund, bejeweled, and with a scandalous personal life, Fisk cut a colorful figure. Joining with Daniel Drew and Jay GOULD to oppose Cornelius VANDERBILT for control of the Erie Railroad, Fisk became managing director of the line in 1868. When Vanderbilt began buying Erie stock, the trio issued new stock. Vanderbilt replied with a contempt of court order that forced the group to flee to New Jersey to avoid arrest. To get back into New York, they bribed the New York state legislature to pass legislation legalizing their stock over-issue. Discount trips to hawaii 2016.

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