DIONYSIUS of Corinth

Our only chronological certainty about this bishop of Corinth is that he wrote to Bishop Soter of Rome 166 175. Eusebius had eight letters written by Dionysius and one addressed to him; he cites or summarizes them in HE 4, 23. They show that Dionysius was consulted by the bishops of Pontus on the problem of whether converts from every kind of sin should be accepted into the church; Dionysius responded affirmatively. He was denounced to Pope Soter, who reproved him. He then wrote to Soter specifying and defending his positions, adding to his letter those he had written earlier on the same problem thus these letters survive. P. Nautin, Lettres et crivains chrtiens, Paris 1961, 13-32. DIONYSIUS of Milan. Bishop of Milan in 355, when the council was held there in which the anti- Arian majority yielded to the pressure of the proArians and that of Emperor Constantius and subscribed Athanasius’s condemnation. Dionysius was among the very few who refused, for which he was deposed and replaced by Auxentius and exiled to Armenia, where he soon died. Ambrose, shortly after his election as bishop of Milan, obtained with Basil’s help the return of Dionysius’s relics from Armenia.

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