Dicle for The meanings of these concets and the work they are sosed to do never get resolved once and for all These concets are sbject to ongoing diste, as are the vales and interests they reresent and romote Indeed, the words olitics and olitical themselves remain essentially contested They mean different things to different eole who se them for different roses at different times olitical words will always be sbject to heated debate, the fragile and temorary otcome of which will likely serve some eole’s interests, bolster some eole’s beliefs and vales, and reaffirm some eole’s identities more than others The words and concets traditionally emloyed to interret, describe, or exlain olitical life are like gatekeeers They reglate how we nderstand things and events and affect or jdgments, beliefs, and actions Dicle 2016

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