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Detroit Metro Map on He began by buying out competitors during the Panic of 1873, and by age 30, he was a millionaire. Andrew CARNEGIE, a champion of the Bessemer process of steel making, which depended on coke, soon brought Frick into Carnegie Brothers Inc. to supply coke to his mills. Frick was given large holdings in Carnegie’s company, and made chairman in 1889. He reorganized Carnegie into the world’s largest coke and steel company by buying out competitors, acquiring railroad securities and, in the Lake Superior region, iron ore lands. In keeping with Frick’s strident vertical integration tactics, during the 1892 labor strike at the Homestead Works of Carnegie Steel Company, Frick took actions to eliminate the unions at the mills. Carnegie, who had given Frick orders to break the union, however, was in Europe when Frick reduced workers’ wages, laid them off, hired strikebreakers, and used the Pinkerton detective agency to protect replacement workers. Detroit Metro Map 2016.

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