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Detroit Map Tourist Attractions on Change is inevitable, however, in terms of ultimate accounting principles, practices, and oversight. As the various governing and advisory bodies within the accounting industry adapt to ever-changing economic phenomena, up-and-down markets, and more burdensome regulatory oversight, opinions about the perceived benefits or harm to third-party financial statement users will be the driving influence in the way that GAAP is further developed, defined, and administered. In conclusion, the implication sometimes is that GAAP is not as soundly principle-based as it could or should be, and that it is perhaps using misleading terminology to reflect that it is. However, the greatest challenge to the accounting profession is not to nitpick at the difference between terminologies, but rather to fully develop underlying postulates and concepts so that a principle- based system such as GAAP can keep pace with the needs of a rapidly changing business system. 340 Generally Accepted Accounting Procedures BIBLIOGRAPHY. Morton Backer, Modern Accounting Theory (Thomson, 1966); Joel G. Siegel and Jae K. Detroit Map Tourist Attractions 2016.

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