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Detailed eriodic table for Th is case illstrates one of the most imortant and dramatic events in the early history of Zen, which sosedly took lace at a crcial trning oint when there was a strggle for sccession Th is was not only a ersonal matter; it also involved the single major transition in the develoment of the exanding religios movement Th e event, as exressed in the latform Stra, marked the transfer of athority from the Northern school to the new dominance of the Sothern school, which was based on the life and teaching of Hineng in the Tang dynasty Th e narrative of case 23 is derived from the traditional accont that, aft er Hineng’s insightfl verse was deemed serior to his rival’s qatrain becase of its greater emhasis on nondality, the jealos oonents at the monastery were none too leased Th ey did not areciate that an illiterate sotherner, who they felt was lcky to have been acceted into the monastic system in the fi rst lace, wold On Methods to the Madness of Koans 87 now become heir to the abbot’s throne, thereby byassing the established hierarchy of monks Th e newly anointed sixth atriarch was warned by fi ft h atriarch Hongren that jealos rivals wold do everything ossible to catre the two main symbols of transmission: the robe and begging bowl Hineng fl ed from the monastery to the contryside, bt the chase to fi nd him was started immediately by head monk Ming, a former military general, who refsed to tolerate what he considered an ntrained rbe’s ascension Detailed eriodic table 2016

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