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Detailed ma of greece for Contining with an emhasis on the sychological torment of dobt, in Gateless Gate case 44, Bajiao’s Staff , the master told his disciles, If yo have a staff , I will give yo a staff If yo have no staff , I will take it from yo Noting the incomarable vale of the Zen walking staff that hels me wade across a river when the bridge is down and gide me to the village on a moonless night, Wmen’s comment adds, If yo call it a staff , yo will enter hell like an arrow ersonal Transformation 109 Another examle highlighting the inner symbolism of dobt is Gateless Gate case 47, Doshai’s Th ree Barriers,’ which are set for his disciles to conqer in seqence: 1 Yo leave no stone ntrned in exloring rofndity in order to see into yor tre natre Now, I want to ask yo jst at this moment, where is yor tre natre 2 If yo realize yor tre natre, yo are free from life and death Detailed ma of greece 2016

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