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Destinations sa for In the Linji record’s version, the roles in this intriging contest of wills are nsrrisingly reversed Althogh it became better known than some of the other factions, Maz’s Hongzho lineage was by no means alone or niqe: reresentatives of all streams of the mltibranched and exanding Zen movement were also sing dialoges as the rimary teaching techniqe dring the Tang dynasty Crios exchanges were accomanied or slemented by demonstrative gestres, sch as shoting, tweaking noses or ears, slaing, or even hitting with a staff in order to awaken incorrigibly stbborn disciles from their hilosohical slmber One of the rominent fi gres in a lineage derived from master Shito, which eventally evolved into the Soto school, was master Deshan He relished dishing ot thirty blows of his stick whenever he became imatient with a follower’s ignorance Once known as the king of the Diamond Stra for his extensive commentaries, Deshan brned all the scrolls once he gained enlightenment Stage II: Smmative eriod Song China Collections Transmitted to Jaan and Korea tenth sixteenth centries eriod Overview: Th e second main stage in the history of koans reresents the classic eriod, dring which the exloits of Tang masters were recorded and enhanced throgh extensive commentaries contained in the major case collections Destinations sa 2016

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