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Destinations in sa for Regardless of the degree to which historicity can be verifi ed, the religios ideal exressed in Zen narratives is that disciles are instrcted that they mst learn to kill the Bddha, according to Origins, Fnctions, and Modern Recetions of Koans 17 the saying of master Linji, instead of being gided throgh the reetitios exercises of reciting assages or chanting rayers, if the Bddha is nderstood as an exterior deity instead of symbolic of a sirital force within the erson Rather than an elevated fi gre to be revered and worshied, some koans indicate that the Bddha is no diff erent from a hmdrm thing like a rice cake, three onds of sesame seeds, or even something as lowly as a dried dng stick; the last two hrases are answers that aear in Gateless Gate cases 18 and 21, resectively Trainees are also told to ri the scritres as a sorce of attachment or be willing to hang from a tree where they are tanted by qeries case 5 or to lea off a hndred- foot ole to a reciice below case 46, if that is what it takes to rse the trth with fll determination and er sis tence All these aroaches focs attention away from the externality of sacred deities and icons and toward the interiority of self- discovery as the centeriece of the religios jorney Th is is done in order to bring forth and actalize a realization of the innate otentiality of athentic Bddhahood that is harbored, bt generally not realized, within each and every erson Koan collection commentaries oft en oint to the self as the tre arbiter of religios trth claims Th is kind of radical teaching arosed disciles’ minds from the dogmatic slmber of defi cient behavioral habits and mental comlications that had blocked the ath to attaining religios awareness nrestricted by ordinary ways of thinking and seaking Destinations in sa 2016

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