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is rie [da, sing creative wordlay on the literal meaning of the follower’s name Th e Hongzho stream inclded several of the greatest fi gres in Zen history in sccessive generations: Baizhang established the main gidebook containing Zen monastic rles based on following the teachings of a living master; Hangbo wrote hilosohical treatises with the aid of a leading scholar- offi cial and was also involved in varios dialoges; and Linji J Rinzai, known for his brash, take- norisoners style of teaching, fonded one of the two main branches of Zen Also, Zhaozho was in a collateral lineage to Maz’s At the time, he aarently saw himself as a rival to Linji, whose temle was located nearby in northern China in close roximity to the ilgrimage site at Mont Wtai An interesting dialoge took lace when Zhaozho visited the temle of Linji, who was in the midst of erforming chores Not srrisingly, in Zhaozho’s recorded sayings he Develomental Stages and Rhetorical Strategies 45 emerges from a brief exchange as the enlightened victor who bested the adversary in a sychic battle Destinations in america 2016

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