Destinations for 2015

Destinations for 2015 on BECKER and George AKERLOF). The theory of class struggle and the Communist Manifesto. The economic interpretation of history is closely related (although, by no means, identical) to Marx’s theory of social classes and his understanding of the historic process as inherently driven by class struggle. Classes are defined in their relationship to material means of production (OWNERSHIP of factors of production, in modern terminology). The development of productive forces gradually changes the relative importance of factors of production and that is translated into relative changes in their power. As the ascending class fights against the declining class, the social order and the whole political and ideological landscape undergo drastic changes, often by means of a violent revolution. This logic is applied to past human history in the Communist Manifesto and it is extended to predict the future, in which the takeover by the ascending class under the bourgeois system, the proletariat, will eventually result in a classless society, and an unlimited potential for economic development. Destinations for 2015 2016.

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