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Destination vacations for Herod was obviously of the opinion that the child might have been born at some stage of the Star’s apparition prior to its heliacal rising. The king, who was apparently inluenced by astrology see, for example, Josephus, Ant. [? and undoubtedly would have been knowledgeable about astronomy, may have wondered if the irst appearance of the Star itself had coincided with the birth of the Messiah. The Magi clearly were convinced that what they had seen the Star do in connection with its heliacal rising marked the occasion of the birth, but Herod was eager to allow for an alternative interpretation. Herod’s Commissioning of the Magi. The magnitude of the task facing the Magi at Bethlehem is highlighted in what Herod says to them Go and search diligently for the child, and when you have found him v Herod has told them that the Messiah’s birthplace is Bethlehem, and the short ? miles journey to Bethlehem would not pose any problems. However, Herod does not know where precisely within Bethlehem the child is. Destination vacations 2016.

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