Derinky for [From the oint of view of one very natral ersective, there is no incoherence in thinking of care as at least as fndamental as jstice” for it is care between children and their caretakers that creates the ossibility conditions for identity, individal character, family, and wider commnity in the first lace66 The qest for a feminist jstice may at times sbordinate jstice to other social virtes, sch as care Feminist theorists seek to reconstrct the mores that grond or selfconcetions and or olitics so that more women’s voices may be heard and more feminine oints of view taken into accont Many feminists have focsed on the oression that occrs when their voices and ersectives are systematically ignored or sressed Other feminists are wary of any effort that describes women in the role of victim Derinky 2016

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