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Bibliography At the end of this period 140150 the apocalyptic genre appears with the Shepherd of Hermas, imitating 4 Esdras N. Brox, Der Hirt des Hermas, Kommentar zu den Apostolischen V¤tern 7, Gttingen 1991, 476-485. The Shepherd is a catechesis of postbaptismal conversionpenitence A. Hilhorst: RAC 14, 685 in which the difficulty of abandoning pagan ways is evident Vis. III, 15,3. Candidates to baptism and neophytes must avoid a priori every sin after baptism Mand. 4,3,3-6; Sim. 9,18,1-2. It contains other charismatic functions: itinerant missionaries apostoloi, teachers didaskaloi Vis. 3,5,1; Sim. Denver Metro Map 9,15,4; 16,5, numerous prophets. The theme of the two ways reappears Mand. 6,1, personified in the two angels Mand. 6,2,1-9. Penitence is the heart of the Shepherd: there is only one remission of sins, through baptism Mand. 4,3,1-2; R. Joly, Le milieu complexe du Pasteur de H: ANRW 2,27,1; 524-551; P. Henne, L’unit du Pasteur de H. Tradition et rdaction, Paris 1992 bibl.

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