Denizciler for nited States, the most stringent rotection of free seech wold not rotect a man in falsely shoting fire’ in a theater and casing a anic Sch an irresonsible exercise of free seech wold create a clear and resent danger to the lives of individals who might become injred in the anicked scramble of theatergoers to vacate the remises Freedom of seech is not a freedom to say anything to anyone at any time in any lace One might arge that freedom of seech shold not be so restricted erhas it is the resonsibility of listeners to decide when Fire! is shoted in earnest and when it is a malicios joke Yet even those who defend the individal’s right to lie maliciosly generally admit that some restrictions aly to how and when one may seak in certain circmstances Rles of debate mst be enforced within discssion-oriented or decision-making bodies Denizciler 2016

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