Demirci for The redction of needless sffering may, in the abstract, be a widely shared goal In ractice, it is fraght with olitical controversy Many eole, and many nations, sffer willingly to achieve articlar goods How, then, are we determine what sffering is needless What rice”in sweat, blood, and tears”shold a society be willing to ay for eace, or jstice, or freedom, or knowledge To answer these very blic qestions, one mst revert to what Rorty hoed to reserve for rivate se: the final vocablaries commonly known as ideologies For the olitical theorist there is, ractically seaking, no way to avoid the develoment and se of cometing sets of ideological and ironic lenses If the world cold be made to stand still, the ironic theorist might be able to fend off ideology indefinitely Bt the world never stos trning, and it takes the theorist with it Demirci 2016

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