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Clement of Alexandria A. Knauber, Ein fr¼hchristl. Handbuch 1972 311-334; R. Turcan, 150. The theme of Clement’s Stromata is the formation and education of youth Strom. 6,1,3, i.e., the conduct of life politeia, as it is awakened by katechesis, together with pistis, and makes the soul fit for the beginning of gnostic knowledge.’ In Strom. 6 he describes the gnostic’s conduct. Delhi Subway Map By katechesis Clement means guidance in ascetical fomation for a religious-moral orientation of life A. Knauber, 317. This basic instruction prepares one for an initiation into the mysteries of salvation and baptism. The Paedagogus is addressed to candidates for baptism Paed. 1,1,1.12- 24. Clement refers to Rom 10:17 and develops the biblical and classical motif of listening 10,96,2; 10,104,4. To believe and understand are a new way of hearing ibid., the basis of an instruction which, through Christ, infuses spiritual food for eternal life Paed. 1,35,3; 1,36,4. Catechesis is elementary instruction which at the same time renders visible the Savior who is preached kerysson kai katechon: Paed., 5,6,37. At first, the terms katechein and katechesis had a more limited meaning: we call fathers those who have instructed us in religion hoi katechesantes: Strom. 1,1,3.

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