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Delhi Map , Maps of Delhi for We infer from Revelation that the comet’s coma became extraordinarily large, equivalent in size to a large full-term baby at the point of birth; that the comet as a whole took the form of a long iron scepter at the point of the child’s birth; and that it must have been very bright. Further, Revelation suggests that, on the eve of the birth, there was a meteor storm radiating from the tail of Hydra. What John writes enables us to narrow down when the celestial events took place during the months of Ululu and Tishratu Babylon or Tishri and Heshvan Judea, namely in September and October of BC. Moreover, Revelation enables us to narrow down the time of Jesus’s birth to mid-October early Tishratu in Babylon and early Heshvan in Judea of BC. This is a plausible time of year for Jesus’s birth it was when the Romans tended to have their censuses and when shepherds would certainly have been out in the ields Luke The cometary baby would have heliacally risen on September or and remained in her belly for about two weeks before slowly descending out of it to be born. Essentially, the wonder that marked Jesus’s birth was an incredible full celestial nativity drama focused on Virgo and a great comet that seemed to bring her to life. FIG Comet Hyakutake on March /, The image to the right is a closeup of the coma that has been altered to highlight the pattern of the coma’s condensation of brightness. Delhi Map , Maps of Delhi 2016.

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