Council of the. After the Council of Tyre 335, the bishops who had met there went, at Constantine’s wish, to Jerusalem, to celebrate there the feast of the dedication of the basilica of the Holy Sepulchre or Anastasis and Constantine’s thirtieth year as emperor. Constantine wanted Arius rehabilitated and peace reestablished in the church. We possess a summary of his letter read to the council: he states that he has interrogated the Arians and attests their orthodoxy confirmed by a profession of faith and asks that they be readmitted to ecclesial communion. The bishops obeyed and communicated their decisions by letter to the church of Alexandria and to all the churches of Egypt, Libya and Pentapolis: once the main source of discord Athanasius had been exiled, the division in the church had to end. Abbot Anthony wrote to the emperor defending Athanasius, but Constantine was inflexible in applying the council. Arius did not enjoy his triumph, however, dying suddenly before being readmitted to the church of Alexandria. Athanasius, Synod. 21; Adv. Arian. 84; Ad. Serap. de morte Ari; Socrates, HE I, 33-37; Sozomen, HE 11,29; Theodoret, I, 31; L. Duchesne, Histoire ancienne de l’‰glise, II, Paris 1910, 184f.; G. Bardy, La reazione eusebiana e lo scisma di Serdica, in FlicheMartin, III, 1, 139-141; M. Simonetti, La crisi ariana nel IV secolo, Rome 1975, 128-129.


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