Dating A Thai Lady: Dos and Don’t

Another reason why I don’t date Thai girls

One of the reasons why I don’t date Thai girls is because they don’t leave! It’s very normal for a Thai girl to move into your place after you have sex, usually because they share a room with other people and prefer having a place to themselves. If you have cable TV and air conditioning, expect yourself to also have a live-in girlfriend; this is why I’m 100% sure that my best friend from the US would have had a girlfriend here in Thailand – if he had come – even though he never gets girls back in the States.

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It’s pretty easy for any western guy to get a Thai girlfriend. You’ll often see good looking young western guys with Thai girls, so it’s not just a thing old, fat German men do. I guess to a white guy, dating an Asian girl is exotic and fun. They like the fact that Thai girls are submissive and they take care of you. I know it’s a bit ironic that I came all the way to Asia to only date white girls but that’s just my personal choice, and as far as Muay Thai is concerned, it’s much better for me to have a two-day fling with a girl that’s traveling than end up with a live-in Thai girlfriend that will always be there. Having a girlfriend makes it really easy to be lazy, skip training, spend money and eat unhealthy all of the time. A word of warning! Don’t settle just because you are comfortable and content.

A lot of men, both in Thailand and in America, end up marrying a girl that they really aren’t passionately in love with; often they don’t even have sex after they get married. To me, marrying a Thai girl, 99% of the time, is simply the guy falling in love with the idea of settling down with a nice, attractive girl that doesn’t bitch at him or argue, and treats him like a man. To me, this is settling and being content – almost lazy. Just keep in mind what you’re getting yourself into if you make the plunge. If you asked me four years ago (before I really discovered who I was) what qualities my ideal girlfriend/future wife would have, I would have given you a generic list.

Honestly, four years ago I would have been happy with any pretty girl that was nice and liked me. Now I know exactly what I want in a girl and in my future wife; who knows if I would have discovered those things if I hadn’t traveled. There’s a good chance that if I never came to Thailand I would be married, probably with a kid on the way, and there’s also a good chance I would have settled for a girl that I’d later realize I wasn’t passionately in love with. My biggest fear used to be waking up one day, at 35 or 40, being single and alone. After seeing how unhappy and unfilled most of my friends are in their marriages, my new biggest fear is waking up married to a women that I fight with all the time, at a job that I hate, and not being able to leave it (or her) because I have a mortgage and children to think about.


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