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Along with consciousness of the cosmic order, John upholds the importance of work, which is a law of nature and the will of the Creator, who also works in his world Salutate Priscillam et Aquilam Rom 16:3, 1, 5. Work finds its meaning through the love that produces every virtue. Virtue is born from love and love from virtue; they generate each other mutually Hom. Eph. 9, 3. God joins human beings together by the bonds of his love. Damman Subway Map He has made humanity such that its members need one another and must live together in friendship and mutual relationship Hom. 1 Cor. 34, 4. Christ’s love is a great power which, according to Paul, is stronger than any human or angelic power. Thus love cannot be imprisoned in silence: it spreads like fire from friend to friend De Comp. ad Demet. 1, 8. Love is humanity’s greatest teacher; it transforms the violent and sensual into peaceful people, and gives courage to the timid Hom. 1 Cor. 33, 8. Love guides the way to perfection in this world and admits no compromises: The measure of love is never to stop Hom. Phil. 2, 1. Damman Subway Map In Tertullian and the Latin Fathers too, the old emphasis remains: freedom, justice and love; but we do not find Clement’s synthesis, passed to later Greek Fathers through Origen. In fact, this synthesis came from the union of Paul and Plato and, though Tertullian uses philosophy, he is no Platonist, but rather a Stoic and, as such, occupied with reason and laws, compassion, chastity and patience.

His ethical teaching depends on Scripture, which he uses as a book of sacred law, giving the precise words uncontestable authority. Freedom remains important; Tertullian establishes this point at some length Adv. Marc. 2, 6. God can be known only by a worthy being who possesses his image and likeness: free will, which makes the person capable of spontaneously doing good. Part of goodness is thus set free by God in the human souls whom he has freed. Free will is also the source of evil in the world: God’s prescience does not limit human freedom. Human beings no longer present the true image of God in which they were made: sin has so disfigured this image that it needs to be restored by the incarnate Christ, who became man so that human beings might become God Adv. Marc. 2, 27. The heavenly image becomes ours to the extent that we advance in the holiness, justice and truth of Christ De Res. 49. Damman Subway Map This imitation of God in Christ is reinforced by fear of God’s judgment. Goodness and justice are inseparable and are found in intimacy with God, outside which all is corrupt. What is not of God is of the devil, hence the world cannot produce virtue; its apparent virtues cannot be accepted as indifferent, but are the work of the devil. Good and evil have no common basis. Good is absolute, rational and dependent on God. Rationality is connected with conscience and natural law. Conscience decides what should be done and judges what has been done Paen. 12. A common ground between Christian and pagan conscience Apol. 9-10 is what nature teaches Test. 5; Adv. Marc. 1, 3. Nature is the primary norm for all, common to all people, in whose hearts it is inscribed De Cor. 5-6. This was made explicit in the Decalogue, but the law proceeds from Moses to its final fulfillment in Christ Adv. Marc. 4, 15-16.

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