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The manor house stands on a promontory in Lake Laxsjo, on the Dalsland It is set in a romantic park with paths, caves and artificial islands.

Boat route: from Bengtsfors to Kopmannabro or reverse. The boat stops at several points along the way. Return by bus or train, around i hour.

Hogsbyn Rock Carvings Map Sweden ©

Pictures of ships, people and footprints carved in stone 3,000 years ago can be i reached by speciajjf, boat from Haverud; or by car.

Haverud Aqueduct Map Sweden ©

A solution to the problem of crossing a gorge and a 9-m (30-ft) high waterfall was to build four and a long steel aqueduct over the waterfall, followed lother lock.

One of the canal’s 19 locks making navigation possible

Dalslands only town, Amal, was founded in 1643. Thanks to its strategic location on Lake Vanern, Amal soon became an important market place, controlling timber exports to Norway and later acting as a transit port for timber and iron to Gothenburg. After several fires in the 17th century and a major fire in 1901, a new town was built on the north side of the Amalsan river. Little remains of the original buildings apart from a few 18th-century houses around the town park, Plantaget. The local histoiy museum, Amals Hembygds-museum. whose three floors house a dentist’s clinic and a flat furnished in 1920s style, can be found in Snarhogs-garden. The Railway Museum is located in former engine sheds at Amal Ostra.

At Forsbacka on the Amalsan river, 7 km (4 miles) from Amal towards Bengtsfors, a mechanical hammer for producing iron bars was built at the end of the 17th century. It was used until the end of the 19th century. Today the 18th-century house at Forsbacka ironworks is a hotel and the old buildings are protected. A golf course is on the land.


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